St George & All Saints Church

Crayford Road, Tufnell Park, London N7 0ND

Service Times

Our service on Sundays begins at 11am, with prayer for our local as well as world-wide communities forming an integral part of our services.
We like to experiment with our liturgy at times, with contributions from members of our church community.
Our services are open to all, and newcomers are particularly welcome. We try to involve everyone in what we do, especially the children. Don't worry if your baby cries; it's what babies do!
Our worship includes time for silent prayer, with much of our music and prayers being home-grown.
Holy Communion is celebrated on most Sundays. Everyone who wishes to take Communion, or who would like a blessing from the priest, stands in a circle which symbolises our commitment to each other as part of the Church community.
Sunday services are followed by tea and coffee, and the chance to meet with each other.

The Prayer Chapel near the entrance is used for smaller gatherings, evening services and private prayer.

Home Communion for the sick or house-bound
Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them”. Numbers are not important to us and if you cannot be with us for services in the church, we are happy to come to you.
So, if you cannot come because of illness or infirmity or for any reason you would like to have a Communion Service in your home, please call the office to arrange. If you or someone known to you is taken into hospital and would appreciate a visit or someone to pray with them please let us know.