St George & All Saints Church

Crayford Road, Tufnell Park, London N7 0ND

Our History

The Church of England has been serving this area since 1861, when the larger parish of St Mary's Islington was split up into smaller units.
At the time, this part of North London was growing rapidly
due to the coming of the railways to King’s Cross. Housing in what had been fields in the Tufnell Estate were developed and as the population increased, a
church building was erected, dedicated to St George.
The design of the former Victorian building in Tufnell Park
Road is based on the 5th century church of St George in
church in Salonica.

  The old building suffered War damage and was vandalised. vandalised.
I In the 1970’s the Victorian building was sold
  and a new church by Clive Alexander
  was built in 1974, almost opposite the old Victorian church.  
The old building became a perfect space for a dedicated Shakespearean Theatre, which closed some 25 years later and has now been bought and completely renovated by a Nigerian based church called The Rock Tower. We at St George’s are very pleased to be able to welcome them to our community and look forward to working together to build a more tolerant, caring, respectful and integrated locality.

St George's parish was combined with All Saints, Tytherton Road when that church was converted into flats in the 1990s. It is now the Parish Church of St George and All Saints, Tufnell Park.

In 1995, the PCC and vicar then, Rev Simon Parke, commissioned local architect David Gibson to remodel St George's interior to include a Prayer Chapel, a meeting room, a counselling room, kitchen,
creche and upper gallery. This enabled
St George's to offer a much wider
range of facilities and services to the local


old St Georges