St George & All Saints Church

Crayford Road, Tufnell Park, London N7 0ND

Icon by Doritie Kettlewell

The icon above the altar was created from thin sheets of coloured glass by artist Doritie Kettlewell,1916-2014. Christ is shown here in the robes of the High Priest Melchizedek. The use of the cartouche round the figure of Christ and the inscriptions in Greek 'I am the Truth', Hebrew 'I am the Way' and Arabic 'I am the Life' reflect her extensive belief system and her love and knowledge of the esoteric.
We are grateful to Bernard Alvarez and Art and Christian Enquiry for information on this artist.

icon by Kettlewell
i am the truth the way the life
DK monogram

The bottom of the icon depicts the old St George's church,
still in existence on Tufnell Park Road. Around the church is a rainbow, symbol of God's promise of mercy.

old church

The monogram of the artist can just be seen here - the initials DK.